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We stock only the magic products that we know you'll love and use in your repertoire. These fantastic new releases are Vanishing Inc. approved!

Heal Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - £23.00

You let the spectator pick a random card or you could borrow a dollar bill from him. Then you tear the card (or bill) leving it hanging on by jest the edge. With only a quick snap, it is restored - the tear is gone. A spectacularly visual moment which is like a punch of magic!

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HWallet Trick
Trick by Marchand de Trucs - £156.25

If you've spent a long time looking for a wallet having a wide range of features that make it suitable for both professional performances and day-to-day use... The HWallet is the answer. Months of design work have gone into ensuring that the HWallet meets your needs. It's...

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DMC ELITES: ROUGE Marked Deck Deck of cards
Deck of cards by Drummond Money-Coutts - £18.25

Featuring the incredible, unique, Optical Marking system, the new DMC ELITES: ROUGE Marked Deck is the fifth signature deck produced by Sovereign Playing Cards for elite British magician Drummond Money-Coutts. Each deck has been a collaboration between DMC (star of TV special Card Shark and...

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Blue Wheel Playing Cards Deck of cards
Blue Wheel Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Dan and Dave Buck - £11.00

Created in partnership with a California-based creative studio, DKNG Playing Cards. Blue Wheel Playing Cards offers a fresh interpretation of the classic Bicycle Rider Back. The updated design is crisp and playful. Featuring 54 custom-illustrated playing cards printed by the US...

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Whiplash Trick
Trick by Josh Janousky - £18.50

Whiplash is a hyper-visual utility gimmick that will let you vanish, transpose, and transform cards. Learn Josh Janousky's signature routine with the Whiplash gimmick: Whipped Across, his take on the cards across plot. Cards visibly vanish and reappear one by one at the fingertips, the final...

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Invisibill Trick (pre-order)
Trick (pre-order) by Josh Janousky - £21.95

Our friend, Josh Janousky has channeled his creativity into COMPLETELY reforming the "Omni" plot so that it is now the perfect trick for you to carry with you EVERWHERE. Invisibill takes will give any routine you do with a banknote a truly unexpected kicker ending. A simple, familiar object - a...

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Jungle Playing Cards Deck of cards
Jungle Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Dan and Dave Buck - £14.00

Bursting with vibrant colors and raw animal magnetism, the savage design of this deck was inspired by the lush jungles of Africa. Each custom illustrated card features iconic flora and fauna from the Zulu wilderness. Monkeys, parrots, and jungle cats run wild throughout the pack. ...

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Razor Switch Device Trick
Razor Switch Device
Trick by Amazo Magic - £73.50

We get SO many requests for versions of the Razor Blades effect that are safe and efficient and practical. Well, this is it! After showing five sharp blades, the performer puts them in a plastic case. He removes the blades from the case, and places them in his mouth. A bit of thread is then put...

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Trick by Raphael Macho - £23.00

Many of our customers are obsessed with the Any Card at Any Number plot. This is a fantastic version that we fully endorse! On this DVD, you will learn a method to show an incredibly direct variation of a "Card-at-Any-Number" effect. The goal was to achieve the cleanest handling possible in the...

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Breach Trick
Trick by Patrick Kuhn - £18.50

WE are so pleased to stock BREACH, which is a fantastic and visual effect that isn't a card trick. You put this in your wallet and then you'll always have it, ready to go! An eye-popping miracle you can carry in your wallet. Hold a $2 bill, let the spectator feel it, and then immediately...

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