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True Mysteries Lite DVD
True Mysteries Lite
DVD by Fraser Parker - £17.00

True Mysteries Lite is a DVD + eBook combo containing breakthrough principles which, when applied to your existing repertoire, elevate the magic you perform beyond the boundaries of what is considered possible without hypnosis. Previously only available as an expensive...

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Coffee Cup Complete Edition Trick
Coffee Cup Complete Edition
Trick by Mariano Goni Fernandez - £72.00

"You FOOLED me with this!" - Dan Harlan Inspired by the great Lavand's three bread crumbs, Mariano Goñi's Coffee Cup Complete Edition becomes a portable, do it anywhere routine. He has performed it at Spain's AGT and every night at the Houdini Magic Castle in Madrid, as a rendition...

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Amaze Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Magic Tricks, Bar Bets & Scams Book
Amaze Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Magic Tricks, Bar Bets & Scams
Book by Rich Ferguson - £11.00

Amaze Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Magic Tricks, Bets & Scams You are about to learn various tricks for blowing your friends' minds and having fun with complete strangers anywhere you go. From the office, school, parties or bars, this book is packed with time-tested and simple...

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Readily Available Trick
Readily Available
Trick by Himitsu Magic and ZF - £34.00

The magician first shows a bottle filled with a beverage, along with a "transparent straw." Then, when the audience expects the magician to place the straw into the drink, they are surprised - it begins sucking up the liquid while held in the air, not the bottle! And, the liquid in the bottle...

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Aperture Trick (pre-order)
Trick (pre-order) by Tango Magic - £40.75

From the mind of Eric Jones and Mr. Tango, a new concept of a gaffed coin that is sure to fool everybody. This a new version of the old Karate coin, a Chinese coin whereby the hole magically opens to let a finger go through it! Easy to perform, with the quality you've come to expect from Tango...

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NINJA+ Sessions DVD
NINJA+ Sessions
DVD by Michael O'Brien - £29.75

Ninja+ Sessions is a modern approach to a classic of magic, the Chinese Linking Rings. Join magician Michael O'Brien as he walks you through 9 full-length effects using the close-up linking rings. In over 2 and a half hours of explanation, learn how to combine the Linking Rings with other items...

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The Urban Legend Book
The Urban Legend
Book by William Rauscher - £34.00

This is the story of a great performer, producer, showman and entrepreneur. If you are not lucky enough to be part of the generation who saw Ron Urban in his prime, this book will intrigue you. Prepare to make friends with a remarkable man and his family. His life is not only the story of a...

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The Fifth Fourth Book
The Fifth Fourth
Book by Jonathan Friedman - £10.25

"I really like this! It's right up my alley." - Caleb Wiles "Oh wow!! Man... that's great!!" - Titanas "I love this trick! Awesome sauce!" - Louie Foxx "I just got fooled and Rick-rolled at the same time." - Chris Beason "A highly-customizable...

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Gripper Coin Accessory (pre-order)
Gripper Coin
Accessory (pre-order) by Rocco Silano - From £25.50

Have you ever thought of getting into coin magic but were put off by all the hard coin sleights that comes with it? Well, we have now solved that problem. Introducing the Gripper Coins. The Gripper Coins are a special, handmade coin that has a space-age silicone band embedded into...

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Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) Trick
Healed and Sealed (Theory 11)
Trick by Anders Moden - £17.00

An empty, crushed can of soda magically reseals and refills itself. Popularized by David Blaine on his television special “Vertigo”, Healed & Sealed is a classic of street magic. A can of soda, visibly crushed and empty, is picked up from a trash can. After giving it a small shake, the...

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Faro Exposed Book
Faro Exposed
Book by Alfred Trumble - £42.25

Alfred Trumble's Faro Exposed is the rarest of all books dealing with the subject of advantage play. Until this reproduction, only a handful of copies were known to exist throughout the world! It provides a candid explanation of the origin, nature, rules, and history of Faro, arguably the...

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Voyager Playing Cards Deck of cards
Voyager Playing Cards
Deck of cards by theory11 - £8.50

Premium playing cards inspired by the open road - with a spirit of adventure. Made in America. It's all about the journey. If there was ever a time to pack it up and start the life you've always imagined, that time is now. Voyager Playing Cards was inspired by the open road - with a...

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Out Of The Blue Trick
Out Of The Blue
Trick by James Anthony - £25.50

Out Of The Blue is a fiendish effect. It features an instant vanish and an impossible location reveal that brings TV-style reactions to your everyday audience. Effect: The magician shows a deck of Bicycle cards - half are red, and half are blue. After showing the blue cards, one...

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The Misfit Deck Trick
The Misfit Deck
Trick by Matt Baker - £41.50

Our friend Matt Baker is one of the cleverest magicians we know. This deck allows for a very interesting premise (and several presentations are included): The spectator names any card in a deck of 52. This is a totally free, mentally selected card. The spectator is then instructed to insert...

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Trick by Sebastien Calbry - £29.75

A card picked by an audience member, signed or not, is folded and printed on a card. It simply takes a "magic gesture" to visually extract it; a really mind-blowing effect that your audience will definitely not expect. Along with this magic trick, Sebastien Calbry also offers a...

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Butterfly Deck (Refills) Refill
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Butterfly Deck (Refills)
Refill by Ondrej Psenicka - From £25.50

Thousands of people have been amazing audiences with the original Butterfly Playing Cards unique marking system and in-depth video instructions. Butterfly Playing Cards’ marking system allows any performer to make miracles NOT possible with ANY other deck of playing cards. Of course,...

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The Vault - Linking Cigarettes Magic download (video)
The Vault - Linking Cigarettes
Magic download (video) by Akira Fujii - £17.00

Looks as astonishingly real as it can get! The performer holds a borrowed cigarette (or a small twig, or a rolled-up bill) in each hand by the thumb and forefinger. The two objects pass through each other like REAL MAGIC! No switches, nothing is added or taken away. A super visual...

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I've Got Your Number Trick
I've Got Your Number
Trick by Illusion Concepts - Devin Knight - £20.25

Make their jaws drop with your apparently incredible memory! "This is another powerful idea from Devin Knight. Now, it is unusual and not something you would be doing in a show. But, if you want to make an impact with a client, or future client, then this is something you can learn...

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Trick by Mickael Chatelain - £25.50

An instant transposition that is so very magical! Take a deck of cards from its box and borrow a banknote from a spectator. Fold the note in half and slip it into the box. The box is immediately placed on the table in front of everyone. You could also put the banknote in your wallet...

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