The Chaos of Triumph

Magic download (video) by Kiko Pastur (£9.00)

We see A LOT of card routines but when Kiko showed us "The Chaos of Triumph", we were stunned. This is COMPLETELY different to any Triumph routine we have ever seen and here's why ...

You have a card chosen and the spectator is a asked to shuffle it back into the deck. You take the cards and shuffle them face up into face down and immediately spread to show the chaotic state of the deck. Now, here comes the part that made our eyes pop. With the deck spread - face up and face down cards showing - you glide your hand over the cards and they ALL TURN FACE DOWN besides the selection!

Many Triumph routines use a color change to cement the moment that 'something' happens but what Kiko brings to the table is an effect so wildly original that it becomes a showstopper. All of the cards can be seen spread on the table yet you are able to rectify them all to face the same way. It is unfathomable.

Here are some important points to know: 

  • You can use ANY deck of cards. 
  • It is COMPLETELY impromptu. 
  • It is not difficult to do! 
  • Perform surrounded.

As a bonus flourish, Kiko teaches a beautiful change which allows you to cause the one face up card to turn face down, thus bringing the effect full circle

Running time: 52mins 16secs. Available in English and Spanish (you receive both... because we're nice guys)


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Customer reviews for The Chaos of Triumph

Richard McKeithan

The effect is great. The method is clever. The ad copy says it is easy to do; I guess that's relative depending on your ability level. I like it, but haven't yet decided whether or not it is an effect I want to put the time into mastering.