Magic download (video) by Michael Brewer
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Magic download (video) by Michael Brewer (£8.50)

The magic marker is a ubiquitous tool for the magician. We can't imagine a performance of close-up magic without the trusty Sharpie. AND YET, relatively little magic exists using the Sharpie marker. There are a few great ones ("Double Cross" being our favorite recent release), but we finally have a download that gives you a MASTERCLASS in Sharpie magic.

"Uncapped" is the result Mike Brewer's decade of searching, refining, and creating in the realm of marker magic. In this download (approximately 40 minute long), Mike will take you step by step through five effects that use only markers. No gimmicks, no complicated setups...just pure sleight of hand.

  • Stretch a mini-marker to full size!
  • Change a pen into a pencil!
  • Change the color of a marker!
  • Cause a clear pen to change to a named color!
  • The light and heavy pen!
  • Shrinking pen!
  • Bending a plastic fork!

The magic is highly visual and at times quite sleight-intensive. Fortunately, Mike Brewer is an excellent instructor and takes you through each move in meticulous detail. The benefit of this download is that you ABSOLUTELY will come away with VISUAL material you can perform just before having an object signed in your existing routines.

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