Magic download (video) by Tri Ryuzaki (£8.75)

This is exactly the tune-up your coin magic needs. There is the retention vanish, and then there's this. This stunning, new technique for vanishing a coin is a sort of "unifying theory" for coin work because it can be integrated into virtually every coin routine ever devised. This retention vanish is more visual and more convincing than any we have seen before, and entirely within reach of the average coin worker. Tri Ryuzaki brings to the table a new collection of techniques, from intermediate to advanced. You'll learn retention vanish techniques for single coins, multiple coins, productions, and changes, as well as a Coins Across Routine that is as pure as ANYTHING we've ever encountered.

The download is an efficient 16 minutes, and by the end of it, you'll be doing a retention vanish better, faster, and more convincing than any version published. For just $10 and less than twenty minutes of your time, you will have dramatically improved the quality of your coin magic, with this cornerstone sleight.

Running time: 16 minutes


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Customer reviews for Retention

John Granrose

I have just purchased Retention and am VERY impressed. I fully intend to master at least the basic vanish. The basic move is really fantastic.. (One small point: there are two minor errors on the voiceover. The two-dollar bill is referred to as a one dollar bill and the two silver dollars are referred to as half dollars. Perhaps this isn’t even worth correcting, but it bothered me a bit.)


Jim Earnshaw

I think this is very well done. Certainly an excellent vanish, however I would like to have seen time spent on the off hand timing. There really isn't any instruction given on the timing of the move. If someone was using this as their intro to a retention vanish then that is lacking. If you already work with coins a bit then I think this is valuable.


Pascal Dumas

While it looks almost like a camera trick, this is brilliant, pure sleight-of-hand. The basic move is within any coin worker's reach. For the rest... well, it'll keep me busy for a while ;-)
Great work.



A really nice piece of magic.
This is a wonderful move that took time and dedication to look this perfect, and it kicks retention vanish up a noticeable notch.
I would absolutely recommend to any magician having some experience with coins and looking to improve their technique. For anyone new to coin magic, one might want to pratice the basics well before coming to this. Nothing impossible though it will take practice and patience to execute well.
If you loved Ponta the Smith, you will love this for the pureness and the speed.
The effect looks stunning even for experienced magicians with trained eyes, so i'm diying to see the looks on participants faces.
The playing time is short, yet no time is wasted and everything you need is inside, and the extra material and additionnal ideas are very appreciated.
Worth every penny, dare i say it's a bargain for all the good content.
Many thanks to Tri and Vanishing.


david wain

It's great but it would be so helpful to see the routines and effects shown from the audience POV and in real time - most of it is ONLY shown over the shoulder and without overall timing. Please add this !