The Vault - Self Levitation 2

Magic download (video) by Jose Morales

The Vault - Self Levitation 2

8.75 gbp

Magic download (video) by Jose Morales (£8.75)

Even before Daedalus and Icarus, man has dreamed of taking flight. Now Shin Lim and Paul Harris teach you how to defy gravity in a limited form in Self Levitation!

Join these two luminaries as they teach you the basics of the the Balducci Levitation, famously featured by David Blaine on his Magic Special. What's special about the Balducci is that it's easy to learn, easy to perform and requires absolutely NO GIMMICKS! And you'll learn all the tips and tricks you need to perform this levitation miracle.

As a bonus, you'll learn the Two Foot Levitation! Jose Morales teaches you how to construct this amazing illusion so you can levitate two feet in the air right in front of your audience! A real reputation maker!

Just wait until you see the reactions you'll get after learning these miracles! Download and learn today!


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