52 Shades of Red Version 3

Trick by Shin Lim (£58.00)

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In 2017, Shin Lim fooled Penn & Teller a second time using the original 52 Shades of Red. Now you can perform the same miracles and more using 52 Shades of Red V3! Watch the trailer get your mind blown!

With Version 3 you get the V3 gaff deck, extra gaff cards and over two hours of video instruction by Shin Lim himself. Not only will you be able to perform the original 52 Shades of Red, but you'll also learn about black art, and how to harness it to provide power and impossibility to your routines; a masterclass on flap cards; two routine that use the longitude palm; and Picasso.

If insanely visual miracles are what you yearn for, purchase your copy today!


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Customer reviews for 52 Shades of Red Version 3

Patrick White

I guess he will produce Shade of Red Ver 3 Plus?
You will receive everything you need for the performance, but it will require a lot of work to craft the gimmick.
In my perspective, the instruction video was clear and easy to understand. Basically, the perform is similar to the previous versions. This is a wonderful trick, but as Shin notes, the package does NOT include the copyright for social network or TV shows. This trick is not suitable for close-up performance. This trick was designed for Stage magic with appropriate distance, light, and camera.

The bonus isn’t very practical. I’m giving it 3.5/5