Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino (£33.25)

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This is Out of This World, but on steroids! JP Vallarino brings you a new version of the effect that is like no other. Drop the dealing and packet switches and just hit them fast and hard with magic that will blow them away! This is Offworld!

Every Out of This World routine takes a while going through shuffling and dealing until you get to the climax, but Offworld eliminates the chaff and gets straight to the magic in under 10 seconds! Taught by Greg Wilson, this routine is easy to do and can even be expanded into a full three-phase routine.

And did we mention that you can do the effect FACE UP?! That's right, the spectator names the color of the next face-up card and is correct or incorrect 100% of the time! Your choice! Your spectators truly won't know what's going on!

So unless you are sick of people asking you to come to Vegas with them, order Offworld today!


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Ralph Shield

J.P Vallarino is one of the cleverest and talented magicians and Offworld is the strongest example of how good he is! You will receive everything you need to perform Offworld. It includes the gimmicked deck and instuctional video. This is an amazing magic trick in which the spectator can visually see the miracles happen close up. Completely worth the price.