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Invisibill Trick (pre-order)
Trick (pre-order) by Josh Janousky - £21.95

Our friend, Josh Janousky has channeled his creativity into COMPLETELY reforming the "Omni" plot so that it is now the perfect trick for you to carry with you EVERWHERE. Invisibill takes will give any routine you do with a banknote a truly unexpected kicker ending. A simple, familiar object - a...

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Jungle Playing Cards Deck of cards
Jungle Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Dan and Dave Buck - £14.00

Bursting with vibrant colors and raw animal magnetism, the savage design of this deck was inspired by the lush jungles of Africa. Each custom illustrated card features iconic flora and fauna from the Zulu wilderness. Monkeys, parrots, and jungle cats run wild throughout the pack. ...

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Silk to Chocolate Trick
Silk to Chocolate
Trick by Sean Yang - £23.00

Cleanly show a silk and tuck it into a closed fist. With a gentle blow, the silk has transformed into a gorgeous chocolate! A new rendition to the classic effect "Silk to Egg!" Replace the egg with the chocolate, making the effect seemingly more impromptu and delicious! To conclude,...

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Whiplash Trick
Trick by Josh Janousky - £18.50

Whiplash is a hyper-visual utility gimmick that will let you vanish, transpose, and transform cards. Learn Josh Janousky's signature routine with the Whiplash gimmick: Whipped Across, his take on the cards across plot. Cards visibly vanish and reappear one by one at the fingertips, the final...

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Blue Wheel Playing Cards Deck of cards
Blue Wheel Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Dan and Dave Buck - £11.00

Created in partnership with a California-based creative studio, DKNG Playing Cards. Blue Wheel Playing Cards offers a fresh interpretation of the classic Bicycle Rider Back. The updated design is crisp and playful. Featuring 54 custom-illustrated playing cards printed by the US...

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Conscious Magic Episode 2  with Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard DVD (pre-order)
Conscious Magic Episode 2 with Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard
DVD (pre-order) by Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink - £32.25

"When I see Ran or Andrew's name on a product I instantly want to learn it because I know it's going to be well thought out and above all a real world worker. To hear Ran and AG have now joined forces on a series of products has got me very excited. My order is in as should yours be! Their...

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Breach Trick
Trick by Patrick Kuhn - £18.50

WE are so pleased to stock BREACH, which is a fantastic and visual effect that isn't a card trick. You put this in your wallet and then you'll always have it, ready to go! An eye-popping miracle you can carry in your wallet. Hold a $2 bill, let the spectator feel it, and then immediately...

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Trick by Raphael Macho - £23.00

Many of our customers are obsessed with the Any Card at Any Number plot. This is a fantastic version that we fully endorse! On this DVD, you will learn a method to show an incredibly direct variation of a "Card-at-Any-Number" effect. The goal was to achieve the cleanest handling possible in the...

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FLASH Refill Wires Trick
FLASH Refill Wires
Trick by G Sparks - £5.75

These are available as a set of 4 wires and 2 extra connectors.

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The Line Up Trick
The Line Up
Trick by Taylor Imagineering - £37.00

We're always looking for strong impromptu-seeming miracles, and this fits the bill exactly! An exercise in visualization and an original take on a classic concept leads to something entirely impossible -- five borrowed objects laid out in a line by a spectator, 120 possibilities, and the performer...

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