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At Vanishing Inc. Magic we specialize in the genre called "close-up." Think David Blaine, Dynamo, and any magic you've seen up close, right under your nose. There is no question, for us, that a miracle witnessed up close and with interaction is always stronger than some stage illusion seen from a great distance. That's why the focus on our business is close-up magic.

If you're new to magic, our co-founder Joshua Jay literally "wrote the book" on close-up magic for beginners: Magic: The Complete Course.

Tenzing Trick
Trick by Simon Jacobs - £33.50

Why worry about complicated switching via sleight of hand when the card case will do it for you? Welcome to Tenzing! This utility device hides in plain sight inside your card box, waiting until needed. Then it leaps into action, effortlessly switching and stealing playing cards!...

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The Butterfly Effect DVD
The Butterfly Effect
DVD by Bruno Copin - £25.25 NOW £11.25 (SAVE £14.00)

It gives the illusion of a mysterious force travelling from the hand of the magician, through the air and into the hand of the spectator. Words cannot describe the impact the effect has on the spectator. Imagine a card turning over by itself while in the spectator's hand and spinning around...

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A Lifetime In Magic Book
A Lifetime In Magic
Book by Devin Knight - £37.75

Get ready mentalism community! This first volume of Devin Knight's new trilogy is here, and waiting to astound and amaze both you and spectators! Devin brings you 9 incredible routines, all eminently practical in construction and inexplicable in performance. With 130 photo illustrations, this...

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Refill for Vice Trick
Refill for Vice
Trick by Jeff Prace - £6.00

So you've squished your Lifesavers and handed out all your edible, impossible objects. Now what do you do? You buy a refill! Now you can baffle 25 more spectators for this low price! Refill includes 25 edible crushed mints ONLY. See the original product, Vice (Gimmicks and Online...

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Unity Illusion Trick
Unity Illusion
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield and Tony Davies - £230.25

A visual and very baffling effect. A ribbon gets cut and magically restores, but wait until you see it performed! Two tea chests are put on a tray. The chests have holes running through the sides, and through the holes a white ribbon is threaded. The ribbon can be initialed at each end by a...

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Shin Lim Presents INKLING Trick
Shin Lim Presents INKLING
Trick by Shin Lim and Abdullah Mahmoud - £29.25

It's in your face impossibility, what real magic looks like. This is INKLING! Imagine if you could make the ink on your arm move with just a flick! INKLING lets you do just that. You could merge drawings, change one drawing into another, or turn a drawing into a real object. So good it looks like a...

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Tora Mental Cube Trick
Tora Mental Cube
Trick by Tora Magic - £25.00

Divine a selected number, color, or ESP symbol with the Tora Mental Cube! A spectator chooses which side of a wooden cube faces up when put into a box (depending on the model purchased: a color, the number of spots on a die, or a particular ESP symbol), and places a top on the box. However,...

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Unwritten: A Hands-off Book Test that Transcends Words Book
Unwritten: A Hands-off Book Test that Transcends Words
Book by JC Sum - £75.25

Finally a book test that makes use of pictures instead of just words, it's J C Sum's Unwritten: A Hands-off Book Test that Transcends Words! With Unwritten you have access to very visual-based presentations as the books are laid out as an English guide for travelers. The set consists of one...

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Hoodie Catches Trick
Hoodie Catches
Trick by SMagic Productions - £25.00

Leave those pocket knives at home (airlines hate them anyway!). Now you can perform the classic card stab just with the hoodie you are wearing! Hoodie Catches takes the venerable Card Stab routine and turns it into a walk-around effect. Ingredients: one hoodie and one deck of cards!...

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Trick by Big Blind Media - £21.00

When was the last time a packet trick gave you not one, not two, but three amazing climaxes! That's the power of Mixed Perception! A spectator selects 6 cards, and then selects one of those 6. The magician interlaces them face up and face down and squares up, but when he spreads the cards again,...

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Trick by SMagic Productions - £25.00

Money magic that leaves the spectator wondering what the heck just happened! A spectator holds a $1 bill and you hold a $5 bill. But when you touch the two together, the number 5 becomes printed on the $1 bill. Not only that, but the number 5 is missing from the $5 bill! It's just a cutout number 5...

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Unicorn Cork Trick
Unicorn Cork
Trick by Nicholas Einhorn - £16.75

Nick Einhorn has created that most mythical of beasts: a prop that is eminently usable, cost effective, and looks completely ordinary. Welcome to Unicorn Cork! Constructed from real cork and lined with non-stick material, this cork is designed to easily hold double-folding coins of a range of...

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Just Joshin' Book
Just Joshin'
Book by Josh Janousky - £21.00

Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the last three years, you will know about Josh Janousky’s visual and clever magic across social media platforms. He has created some astonishing and organic magic, and now he brings you 10 incredible workers in this handsome 34-page booklet. Get your copy...

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iRevolve Trick
Trick by Kris Rubens - £16.75

Forget sleight of hand. Let this gimmick do the color change for you! iRevolve lets you change the face of a playing card simply by throwing it into the air, and the gimmick does all the work after that. You even get to show both sides of the card before and after the change! Want to delay the...

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ProPick Trick
Trick by Kris Rubens - £33.50

The perfect effect for music lovers, it's ProPick! The magician writes a prediction on a business card places it face down. Now guitar picks with different band names are introduced. The spectator eliminates the picks until one remains. When he turns over the prediction, it says..."Call Me"?! When...

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Baffling Blocks Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Baffling Blocks
Trick by Eric Leclerc - £21.00

Ever make a Paddle Trick from a kids' toy? Canadian TV Star and magician Eric Leclerc did! It's a great strolling magic trick that is fun to perform for kids and their families because, when you tell them you made your first magic trick from Lego blocks, it’s believable and captivating. ...

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The Halo Project Size 8 Trick
The Halo Project Size 8
Trick by Patrick Kun - £42.00

You know him and love him for his incredible card magic. Now Patrick Kun brings you the ultimate in finger ring magic with The Halo Project. Imagine the looks when you pass a ring through your fingers one by one. Now imagine then taking a spectator's ring and quickly linking it on yours and...

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Trinity Wallet Trick
Trinity Wallet
Trick by Matthew Wright - £83.75

After two sell-out runs of wallets (Fourseen and Vader), Matthew Wright is back with the incredible Trinity Wallet, a 3-in-1 hard-hitting combo and multipurpose wallet. This unassuming leather wallet masquerades as an everyday wallet, yet the hidden features allow wondrous magic to be...

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Ball and Cone Combo Trick
Ball and Cone Combo
Trick by The Ambitious Card - £58.75

Everyone does Cups and Balls, so why not be different and try the Ball and Cone Combo? This little set will lead to endless hours of fun and contemplation both by you and your spectators! You'll be creating your own routines in no time! Get yours today! Comes with a leather cone and 3 balls.

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Annihilator Deck Deck of cards
Annihilator Deck
Deck of cards by Vortex Magic - £8.25

They won't know what hit them when you get done using the Annihilator Deck! Tired of being limited to a deck of cards but still intrigued by the Svengali principle? Then check out this set of "regular" index cards! These high quality cards seem innocent, yet allow you to customize your effect...

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