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Trick by Francis Menotti
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Trick by Francis Menotti (£38.00)

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Cubic - magic

We absolutely love Francis Menotti. He comes up with material NOBODY else would possibly think of, and his effects are always intriguing to audiences.

In "Cubic," Menotti combines the best of rubik's cube magic with...the Magic Square, and the result is an UNFORGETTABLE parlor routine.

You display a rubik's cube with different numbers on each colored square. You allow THE SPECTATOR to mix the cube as much as they wish, and yet YOU perfectly predict what all combinations add up to. The method is DIABOLICAL, and the special gimmick (which attaches and detaches from a completely examinable cube) can be used for so many other routines.

Francis Menotti stuns his spectators with "Cubic," and then takes you into great detail on the effect and the many ways you can fit it into a longer Rubik's routine (including an incredibly fooling Card at Number effect!). It takes absolutely no skill with numbers or Rubik's cubes to make this work. The special gimmick does EVERYTHING for you.

“Rubik's Cube + Magic Square = AMAZING , BRILLIANT AND MIND BLOWING”Dan Hauss

Customer reviews for Cubic

Richard Tuckerman

The quality of the props — the cube and the gimmick — are unimpeachable. When the gimmick is in place there is NOTHING to be seen! The concept of combining a Rubik's Cube with the Magic Square is an inspired idea and the range of possible presentations is virtually endless. I love this!