Trick by Mystique Factory (£33.25)

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Take control of time itself with the new and improved DRIFT 2.0!

If you had the power to affect time, it would look like DRIFT 2.0. Thanks to an improved gimmick that will last you a lifetime, objects still fall, but so slooowly it's just unreal. Borrow objects or use your own, you still start and end clean, with no magnets, thread or loops in use!

If you could s-l-o-w down time, this is exactly what it would look like! Get yours today!

"Great, fascinating effects with a secret that's so simple, it hurts."R. Paul Wilson
"A brilliant new principle and performance that magic has been waiting for!"Gregory Wilson

Comes with 2 gimmicks.


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Customer reviews for DRIFT 2.0

James Ward

Video was less than professionally taught, I also feel this could sold a lot cheaper like info on how to do it E-book. The secret stuff can be found anywhere so that's my reason for saying seem's a lot of $$ for something they didn't research or make themselves. I do like the concept but just feel this is little over priced.