Etienne Pradier Live at Houdini's

Trick by Etienne Pradier (£25.00)

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"Etienne Pradier is just as amazingly talented as he is funny!" Eric Jones

At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we love Etienne Pradier because he represents what the brand represents: a true working professional doing amazing, unique magic. Etienne Pradier's new DVD consists of 14 close-up effects. included for the first time are his famous Pablo Aces, crazy card tricks, a commercial rope routine, unbelievable disappearing coins, and a sensational effect using a spectator's watch!

The varied mix of tricks were filmed live at the Houdini bar, Broadstairs, Kent, and are followed by a detailed explanation in the studio.

"A new DVD is always a big event and always worth the wait - I love his magic!" Eric Leblon
"I've traveled the world performing alongside Etienne for 20 years. These tricks are truly fantastic... but his feet bloody stink!!" Paul Martin

Etienne Pradier Live at Houdini's contents

  • Card Under Pen 
  • Rope Routine 
  • Pen Sandwich 
  • In My Wallet? 
  • Memory with a Twist 
  • ESP Aces 
  • Coin Voyage 
  • Watch Coincidence 
  • Pablo Aces 
  • Magic Castle 
  • Best of 4 
  • PDQ Change 
  • Cosack Pen 
  • Marriage

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