Rubik's Dream - Three Sixty Edition

Trick (pre-order - ships Mar 15) by Henry Harrius (£131.00)

This just might be the "holy grail" of Rubik's Cube magic. This unbelievable shell fits over a Rubik's Cube and locks into place, so even a spectator can hold it. Then (and this is the part that is hard to believe), you can twist the cube with the shell on it. How does it work? You need to see it to believe it.

Henry Harrius brought us "Rubik's Dream," the hit sensation Rubik's Cube trick from 2017. This new shell, RD360, is the perfect companion to the original, but allows you to do many new and exciting things. The tutorial is 70 minutes long and features 8 new routines, including the Akira Solve, which is visual madness.

From this shell alone you can construct the perfect routine: the spectator mixes a cube, you place it in a paper sack, and then the SPECTATOR removes the cube...solved. The bag is empty, everything is clean. MIRACLE!

What's included:

  • RD360 handmade gimmick
  • A regular RD Regular Cube (the first cube designed especially for magicians
  • A set of stickers (including plenty of extras)
  • Full video instructions
  • Access to a thriving Facebook group for all Rubik's Dream and RD360 members.

"BEST Rubik's Cube utility device I have ever seen. I'm adding it into my show today!" Steven Brundage
“I LOVE all of Henry’s work. It’s beautiful, visual, and practical. I can’t wait for RD360” Shin Lim
“RD360 is definitely one of the best answer. The audience will feel a real magical moment.” Takamiz Usui
“Henry Harrius does it again! The 360° shell makes Rubik’s cube magic so deceptive while making it so simple to perform.” Karl Hein
"This is AMAZING! A perfect solution that opens up new doors for Cube Magic.. Bravo! " Nicholas Lawrence

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Customer reviews for Rubik's Dream - Three Sixty Edition

James Capobianco

For $155 you don't get a DVD. For the time and effort that goes into producing the "online" demo, they could make a DVD and include it. What happens when the "online" demo is no longer supported? The only way to convince manufacturers to include a DVD is to stop buying products when DVDs aren't included.


Peter Anderson

To the reviewer above: I don't have a DVD player. I welcome this as a download so that everyone can access it, and download it to their computer. I've placed my order!


Wisdom Kim

Well, although I understand your frustration, DVD format will eventually disappear within the next few years as VHS did IMO. People just don't buy DVDs anymore...


John Hinton

So Henry sent me an advanced copy of Rubik's 360 a while ago and I have loved playing with it! I has so many possibilities!
To be fair you will see my name listed in the bonus routines...but I did not receive any compensation from Henry for this project. After seeing what I came up with he asked me if I would be willing to add it into the bonus material. Also, I am a full time professional magician. Tricks for video only are super fun, but I work in front of real people every week . I need something that can be used show after show that looks as good as the "For Video Only" tricks. I think Rubiks 360 is this powerful!

First thing I noticed when playing with Rubiks 360 is the same quality that came with the original Rubik's Dream! (and works with the same standard RD regular cube that Rubik’s Dream does) It look so insanely real that I now have no problems pouring out the S***L into a spectator's hand or even letting the spectator pull it out of the bag themselves (as seen on the trailer). Honestly the gimmick looks so real that when I see it next to normal cubes on my desk I don't know which is which until I pick them up!

My favorite thing about Rubiks 360 though is the locking system. It is such an ingenious idea that I don't know why it hasn't come out before!! When engaged you can throw everything in the air without any worries.

The 8 featured routines by Henry on the tutorial are a combination of classic ideas (and now finally made available to everyone...whether you are a finger flicker one hand solver or have no concept of how to solve a cube) and some new incredible ideas (also available to both sets of people!) This new incredible system in my opinion has opened rubik's cube magic to the general hobby-ist as much as the "enchanted cube" did back in the 70s. I plan to teach and let my 7 year old perform with it very soon!

Like I said this new gimmick means that you do not have to know how to solve a cube at all to perform it!! However, if you want to learn Henry suggests a great how that will teach you.

The 3 bonus routines are amazing...BUT the best is the AKIRA SOLVE!!! It looks like how a super genius superhero on a movie would solve a rubik's cube...where everyone would claim they used CGI or something! Just as amazing as the Block Solve (that was featured on Rubik's Dream)...This is an incredible instant solve...if you are willing to put in the work! I have performed it now in over 20 shows and the only draw back I can see so far is that everyone believes that you are using a gimmicked cube. Easiest way to solve that is to simply hand them the cube. Granted when I performed this in my local club I had one member convinced for 20 mins that I had switched the cube or something. It is knuckle busting sleight of hand that is worth the hours of practice put in!

So whether you are a full time professional like myself who is willing to put in the hard core practice for the crazy finger flicking stuff....or if you are simply a hobby-ist who wants to mess with a couple friends' minds at your house...I can fully recommend Rubiks 360!


Richard McKeithan

I have pre-ordered RD 360 and have downloaded and watched the instructions. The routines are well taught and really strong. I'm going to enjoy performing the routines, and getting into my creative mode to come up with my own routines.

The only criticism I have is the ad-copy does not mention that you must make a decision for the type of routines you want to perform before setting up the gimmick. There is the solved state and the matching state. It is not practical to try and switch between the two. To perform all of the routines taught on the video it is probably best to have two of the gimmicks.

This is a great product and I am really looking forward to immersing myself developing more mind-blowing routines.

Here's hoping replacement gimmicks will be available in the future so it won't be necessary to buy two complete sets to perform all of the routines.

Rick McKeithan


Gregory Zentz

The RD360 is the perfect utility device for your Rubik’s Cube performance. It’s quality is as advertised. It is just like holding a real cube. It comes with a game cube, which has been modified to work with the gimmick. The video is very well done and informative. It’s a download which I am coming to prefer over DVDs. I’m guesstimating the cost of this package is less than 20 bucks. However, with that said, the price point at $155 is excellent. A Magician must understand that there is a price to pay for quality magic. You are purchasing an idea, which I could only imagine, had a lot of trial and error to give us this final product, which I consider a piece of art. It’s not necessary, but for me, I will be ordering another one to complete my performance. But I do not want to pay less for the second one as a “replacement gimmick”. The high price keeps it in the hands of serious magicians, and not the unworthy.
Gregory Zentz