Trick by Eric Bedard
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Trick by Eric Bedard (£46.75)

In stock. Dispatched from the UK within 3 days
Suspenz - magic

Perform a stage illusion - close up

Since the beginning of magic audiences (and magicians) have been fascinated with suspensions. From the mystery of The Indian Rope Trick to Copperfield's Flying. It's a plot that never gets old. 

Eric Bedard has finally released suspenZ - after twenty five years. Eric let precious few into the secret of his close up suspension and everyone has been performing it in their working acts. 

What's the effect? Well, you spread out a deck of cards, as if you are asking for a card to be selected, but then you can remove one hand, and the spread stays floating in the air. And, get this, a card can be removed from the spread. It will work with business cards, playing cards, bills, credit cards or even coffee cup sleeves. 

VORTEX magic asked Eric if they could release it, and after creating an updated gimmick this underground, close up illusion is finally for sale

There are three, specific moments of astonishment. Initially, you spread the cards much further than normally possible. Without a beat, you can then remove one hand, leaving the spread impossibly suspended in the air. Finally, you take the card they point to out of the spread and hand it to them. 

You begin and finish clean. 

This ships with the gimmick you need and online video instructions that cover everything you need to know. 


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