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At Vanishing Inc. we are on a special quest to find great magic suitable for large audiences. The best parlor magic involves the audience, and it packs flat for easy travel. We love magic on stage that resets easily, and can be seen by even large crowds.

Y-Rose Trick
Trick by Lee Jah Bond and Mr. Y - £66.25

When you produce roses, you reach your audience's emotions! Here's the ultimate rose gimmick for manipulators. You can instantly produce 4 roses from thin air! Created by Mr. Y, a local awarded stage magician. Each Y-Rose is handcrafted to ensure a fluid...

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Mirror Glass PRO By Bazar de Magia Trick
Mirror Glass PRO By Bazar de Magia
Trick by Bazar De Magia - £17.50

The magician shows an empty clear glass, pours orange juice in it. When turning the glass upside down, an orange silk drops instead!!! It's incredible, a classic magic trick allowing for a hundred further uses, yes, that's it!!!, you can make things vanish, you can produce others,...

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Deluxe Milk Glass Trick
Deluxe Milk Glass
Trick by Bazar De Magia - £9.75

The magician takes a glass of milk and pours it into a paper cone. He immediately opens the paper cone showing it is empty and dry: The milk is gone! This new model has more capacity, better design and works perfectly!

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High Quality Plastic Eggs(White / 6-pack) Trick
High Quality Plastic Eggs(White / 6-pack)
Trick by The Great Gorgonzola - £11.00

A Plastic Egg is frequently used for the Egg Bag routine. It is certainly better than a wooden one, being very lightweight, whereas a wooden egg will cause the bag to sag and give away its presence. The Plastic Egg is also perfect for productions where a large quantity of something is desired....

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Trick by S.L. JAC UNDERMAGIC - £58.00

After the great success of the Spanish edition, at last you can perform Emoticon fully translated and adapted to English! The entire script, gags and emojis have been redesigned to make sense in English. Directly from Dakris' repertoire, Spanish Champion of Magic, comes...

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Dancing Cane Aluminum Trick
Dancing Cane Aluminum
Trick - £41.50

The Cane magically dances in the air around the magician. The beautiful aluminum built cane is light weight and collapsible, and also includes Dancing Cane Lessons Streaming Video and a black cloth case for ease of storage and protection.

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Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino and Olvivier Dequin - £62.25

Chance is inherent in any game of choosing, that is, until Jean-Pierre VALLARINO and Olivier DEQUIN flipped the tables! Now you will become the master of the game! In LOTTO PREDICTION, you get to show your mastery over any game you wish: poker, lottery, horse racing...anything! For a lottery...

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No Tear Newspaper 2 Trick
No Tear Newspaper 2
Trick by Andy Dallas - £20.75

Andy Dallas might have just come up with the Hole-y Grail in No Tear Torn and Restored Newspaper! In No Tear Newspaper 2, small sections of newspaper are removed from different pockets. But in the blink of an eye, you restore them into a four-sheet newspaper! But wait, there is a hole in...

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A Lifetime In Magic Book
A Lifetime In Magic
Book by Devin Knight - £37.25

Get ready mentalism community! This first volume of Devin Knight's new trilogy is here, and waiting to astound and amaze both you and spectators! Devin brings you 9 incredible routines, all eminently practical in construction and inexplicable in performance. With 130 photo illustrations, this...

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Mystery Key Test Trick
Mystery Key Test
Trick by Amazo Magic - £66.25

Get instant audience attention by putting your money on the line with this captivating effect! 5 keys, 1 padlock and 1 transparent box, yet with it you create a lot of excitement! The padlock ensures the case, full of money, stays sealed. You mix the keys and have 4 spectators choose one and try to...

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Milk Pitcher Jumbo Trick
Milk Pitcher Jumbo
Trick by Amazo Magic - £58.00

Forget those small pitchers. Take a look at this Jumbo Milk Pitcher for your next performance. Measuring 18 cm wide and 20 cm high, this pitcher will hold a lot of liquid and look great doing so. It even lacks glued in pieces, so you can remove sections for washing! Includes written instructions.

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Unity Illusion Trick
Unity Illusion
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield and Tony Davies - £228.00

A visual and very baffling effect. A ribbon gets cut and magically restores, but wait until you see it performed! Two tea chests are put on a tray. The chests have holes running through the sides, and through the holes a white ribbon is threaded. The ribbon can be initialed at each end by a...

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Tora Glassy Box Trick
Tora Glassy Box
Trick by Tora Magic - £124.25

Why use boxes that only perform a single production when the Tora Glassy Box can do it TWICE!  You display an empty box for the audience, but suddenly it fills with colorful flower objects. Just as you clear those out, now it fills with money! An astounding display for your audience! Surprise...

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Tora Large Bottles Trick
Tora Large Bottles
Trick by Tora Magic - £99.50

It keeps going, and going, and going... That's what happens with the Tora Large Bottles production! You can show a paper bag empty inside, yet your are able to produce bottles of soda one after another -- six times in fact! You can even stop in the middle and show the bag empty again! And if your...

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Tora Antique Dice Box Trick
Tora Antique Dice Box
Trick by Tora Magic - £331.50

You know the Die Box, you love the Die Box. Now it's time to upgrade your Die Box with the Tora Antique Dice Box! It's made from real wood and looks fabulous! Order yours today!

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S.B. Tube Trick
S.B. Tube
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - £49.75

Looking for that perfect way to make an object appear? How about from a bubble of smoke? With the S.B. Tube, you can now create smoke bubbles easily every time. You can blow your regular bubble, and when you need smoke, just press the button -- magic happens! This device is easy to use and includes...

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Unwritten: A Hands-off Book Test that Transcends Words Book
Unwritten: A Hands-off Book Test that Transcends Words
Book by JC Sum - £74.75

Finally a book test that makes use of pictures instead of just words, it's J C Sum's Unwritten: A Hands-off Book Test that Transcends Words! With Unwritten you have access to very visual-based presentations as the books are laid out as an English guide for travelers. The set consists of one...

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Rose & Vase Trick
Rose & Vase
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - £74.75

Now in white, Rose & Vase is a performance piece your audience won't soon forget! In a flash of fire, a white vase is produced followed magically by a rose appearing in the vase. But that's not all! Three more roses materialize in surprising and elegant ways! Steal their breath away and order...

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Airborne Pro & Glass Trick
Airborne Pro & Glass
Trick by G Sparks - £21.75

"Clearly the worlds' quietest airborne." WHISPER SILENT ACTION NO TOP CLEAR LIKE GIMMICK WORKS ON MOST BOTTLES INCLUDING WATER BOTTLES Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks This new gravity fed hook-up is clear, quiet and you can start with the bottles' top on. ...

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J Rose Trick
J Rose
Trick by Jeff Lee - £99.50

Add that extra touch of class to your next stage or parlor show with the J Rose! This rose allows you to perform two different and elegant pieces. First, the rose restores a broken stem, slowly rising until the stem is new, thanks to a brand-new method. Second, the rose is placed into a...

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