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At Vanishing Inc. we are on a special quest to find great magic suitable for large audiences. The best parlor magic involves the audience, and it packs flat for easy travel. We love magic on stage that resets easily, and can be seen by even large crowds.

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Big Ultra Feather Trick
Big Ultra Feather
Trick by Mr. Magic - £12.00

Colored feathers change colors as you simply pass your hand over them. Looks amazing!

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Polka Dot Silk Trick
Polka Dot Silk
Trick by Mr. Magic - £18.00

Here's a real audience pleaser! This is quick, visual magic that you can immediately add in your stage performances. After showing a black satin hanky on both sides to be absolutely ordinary, you shake it. Visually, white spots magically appear on both sides! This can be...

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Spring Flowers Glitter #18 Trick
Spring Flowers Glitter #18
Trick by Mr. Magic - £10.25

Beautiful 18 spring flowers. These flowers take up minimal space but create a maximum impact.

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Ring on Rope Trick
Ring on Rope
Trick by Bazar De Magia - £8.75

This is the ideal ring for performing the classic "Ring on Rope" routines with which Daryl and Colombini have amazed us for years. The ring is built in only one piece, without any kind of welding or sewing. It is chrome plated. Its size (diameter 9cm/3.6 inches) and weight (40 g) are...

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Card Captured Trick
Card Captured
Trick by Bazar De Magia - £16.25

Here's a great card magic effect, to be performed as close up or parlor magic. A genial trick, easy to perform, surprising and very commercial. It is based on the already well-known trick known as "Selected and signed card, in the wallet." Just imagine: a card, selected and signed by...

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Silk for Zombie ball PRO Trick
Silk for Zombie ball PRO
Trick by Bazar De Magia - £30.00

Looking for the ultimate silk for your Zombie ball routine? Not all silks are appropriate - some are too thin, some have sizes that are unworkable, and more. THIS is the ideal silk! Its size is perfect for any Zombie ball in the magic market. Black, high quality and lightweight...

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Airborne Set Universal Trick
Airborne Set Universal
Trick by Bazar De Magia - £20.50

One of the greatest magic effects, ever. This glass floats in the air while liquid is being poured in it! All audiences are absolutely amazed! The set you receive allows you to perform the effect with different kinds of bottles or with a can of soda. Yes, you receive two...

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Mentalism Forcing Bag Trick
Mentalism Forcing Bag
Trick by Bazar De Magia - £21.25

Imagine the following: you show a bag containing dozens of pieces of paper. Each has the name of a different and famous character written in it. Allow any member spectator freely removes one of those pieces of paper from the bag, and the name written in it matches the one previously written in...

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Phantom Tube Trick
Phantom Tube
Trick by Bazar De Magia - £38.50

A classic magic effect! A tube is shown completely empty. The magician then covers both ends so nothing can get inside. Magically, upon breaking open one end, the magician pulls out silks and ribbons of different colours, streamers, etc. They keep on coming!!!! Built in...

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Bubbly Trick
Trick by Sonny Fontana - £21.25

Soap bubbles. Kids love 'em. For adults, they hold an inherent beauty. Imagine if you could produce bubbles from your bare hands--at any time during your show? Bubbly is a bare-handed soap bubble production. You show your hands clearly empty. You turn profile to your audience, blow...

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Trick by Arnaud van Rietschoten - £51.25

THE Ultimate 4-way-out envelope Imagine an ingenious envelope that will deliver the correct prediction, no matter which of 4 possible outcomes occurs! YOU ARE COVERED! Every mentalist needs a 4-way-out envelope! There any many available, but none allow you to do the...

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Trick by CLIMAX - £55.50

With CROSS CHOICE, you can control and predict your spectator's choice! CROSS CHOICE is the perfect finale to the classic effect from Ali Bongo, "Bongo's Big Balloon Burst". The effect: You ask your spectator to freely select a balloon among five balloons of different...

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Bolt Prediction Trick
Bolt Prediction
Trick by Amazo Magic - £51.25

A new and unique mindreading prediction effect! An aluminum plate is shown to the audience. In the upper portion, there are five numbers corresponding to the bolts fixed on the same plate. In the lower portion, a second plate covers another set of bolts. The mentalist...

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The Cocktail Trick
The Cocktail
Trick by Gustavo Raley - £59.75

If you are looking for an original effect that is visual, practical and 100% effective for your magic shows... this is it! Imagine being able to perform the classic effect, Sands of the Desert, now with liquids! So amazing that your audience will not believe their eyes! ...

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Tic Tac Toe Pro Trick
Tic Tac Toe Pro
Trick by Bond Lee - £281.50

A classic paper and pencil game between two players has now turned into an interactive game between the magician and audience. Each player takes turns drawing X's and O's on a 3-by-3 grid. After completing the game, the magician reveals a surprise ending! Contents: ...

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R2 DVD or download
DVD or download by Chris Randall - DVD £21.25 or download for £17.00

The Best Routine in Magic" Rocco The classic Linking Rings effect is a timeless piece of magic that can provoke unbelievable reactions... when performed correctly. Chris Randall has been perfecting this effect since he was 11 years old, and now he's finally ready to reveal the secrets behind his...

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The Color of Mystery Trick
The Color of Mystery
Trick by Scott Alexander - £149.25

If you liked Hanky Panky, you will love The Color of Mystery. Silk magic has that flash and color that really grabs people's attention. Combine that with an engaging story and you have a "pack flat and play big" entertaining piece of magic. Scott has taken the classic Color Changing...

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Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - £34.00

New from Juan Pablo Magic - BLUFFF! Show a spectator a beautiful, black silk scarf. Blow on the scarf, and a beautiful image of a rose appears on the scarf! Super visual! Then fold the scarf, and magically produce a large rose out of nowhere! This gets amazing reactions.

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Flower Frame Trick
Flower Frame
Trick by Tora Magic - £204.75

Another amazing flower handcraft beauty! The magician displays a framed picture of beautiful flowers in a vase. In a blink, the picture is no longer a picture - it has turned into a REAL vase full of colorful flowers in the frame. Then the magician REMOVES the flowers and...

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Watering Can Botania Trick
Watering Can Botania
Trick by Steve Hart - £251.75

Audiences love the mystery and beauty of beautiful productions. Here's a fabulous one! The magician shows an absolutely empty flower pot to the spectators. He puts a flower seed inside and waters it. Now he waits a little bit so that the seed is totally wet. Once he removes the...

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