Only Ideas

Book by Rory Adams
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Only Ideas

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Book by Rory Adams (£25.25)

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Only Ideas - magic

Have you ever wished you could come up with new magic? Have you wanted to devise your own effects? Only Ideas is your how-to guide to creating magic plus 100 ideas to get you started. This pocket-sized multi-read is designed to get you to create strong and original magic.

Only Ideas is interesting because the author (the creative Rory Adams) gives you ideas for some really interesting effects. But here's the catch: they aren't finished. They're just one or two sentences describing the idea and then it's your job to use it as a starting point to create your own magic. We (Josh and Andi) have read the book and was impressed with the calibre of the ideas and spent a while brainstorming how we'd turn some of them into full routines.

Four years ago, Rory posted an original trick every day on Instagram for 298 days, and then he landed a job working for Dynamo and moved to London. He's since produced magic for ITV1's The Next Great Magician, then an E4 Troy magic special, a huge magic show in China, then another primetime ITV show, plus tons of more TV and theater across the planet - even one show on ice! 

"This book is utterly utterly UTTERLY brilliant. Buy it, it is wonderful." Andy Nyman
"Rory has published the SECRETS to creating magic. Get ready to have your creativity sparked!" Justin Flom
"Expect to be immediately inspired. Every page seems to have something so clever you will wish the idea was yours." Franco Pascali

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