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Haven't heard of Chris Congreave? You won't forget him after this At The Table lecture!

Chris is ready to share some of his go-to effects from his 15 years as a professional close-up magician, including his preferred opener and a unique prop that will definitely grab audience attention.

Join us as you learn:

Tin Opener - An ideal quick opener using a jumbo coin production.

Drawn - Chris' new card opener at tables, already used by working pros.

Name Badge - An I.D. badge with a face-down card in it and...well, you'll see!

Card to (Almost) Any Number - Blow their minds with this self-working number.

Coin to Impossible Location - A signed coin appears inside a locked box.

Marked Deck - This a real worker with an ending that no one sees coming.

Free Phone - A propless variant of the Free Will plot that ensures you'll get a booking agent's contact info! 

Diminished Most Likely - A variation of Paul Gordon's "Diminished Not Likely" that ends with an astounding four-card transposition.

Impromptu Anniversary Waltz - A variant of Anniversary Waltz that you can perform without gaffs!

Signed Card to Tin - They find a signed card in a small tin. A great callback effect to Tin Opener!

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