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Super Strong Super Simple

By Ryan Schlutz
DVD £25.75 or download for £13.00 Some options in stock. Dispatched from the UK within 3 - 5 days
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Super Strong Super Simple

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DVD or download by Ryan Schlutz (DVD £25.75 or download for £13.00)

Some options in stock. Dispatched from the UK within 3 - 5 days
Super Strong Super Simple - magic

This is, perhaps, the best collection of easy-to-do, powerful card magic ever assembled. Expert card magician Ryan Schlutz has mined over 300 years of card material and collected the very best tricks into one place. All of the tricks have just two things in common: they are HIGHLY deceptive and are simple to do.

Ryan obtained permission from all relevant parties, so Super Strong, Super Simple is a sanctioned, ethical collection of the world's finest self-working card tricks. Each trick is performed for an enthusiastic group of spectators and taught in careful detail by Ryan Schlutz. No advanced knowledge or skill required.

You'll learn:

  • "Forget to Remember" by Ryan Schlutz
  • "Emotional Reaction" by Dai Vernon
  • "Borrowed OOTW" by Various
  • "Pulse Detection" by Ryan Schlutz
  • "Prior Commitment" by Simon Aronson
  • "Bath Towel Mentalism" by So Sato
  • "It Cuts Deep" by Ryan Schlutz
  • "All Expenses Paid" by Jim Krenz
  • "Upside Down Deck" by Francis Carlyle
  • “The Absent Player” by Dani DaOrtiz
  • "Gemini Location" by Liam Montier
  • "Poker Players Picnic Redux" by Ed Oschmann and Tom Dobrowolski
  • "4 Sided Gemini" by John Bannon
  • "Shuffle-Bored" by Simon Aronson
  • "Silent Tansmission" by Eddie Fields
  • "Six Covers Six" by Ryan Schlutz
  • BONUS: Moves Toolbox

On top of all this, Ryan takes you through some essential sleights in the 'Toolbox' section!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We made a mistake and listed the incorrect name for So's wonderful book "The Secrets of So Sato". We recommend this book wholeheartedly.

Available as a DVD or Download. Running time: 2 hours 47 minutes


Customer reviews for Super Strong Super Simple

Curtis Hickman

These videos really are fantastic. That being said, it's value depends on your knowledge of card magic. I would say that the LESS you know the better these videos are. Most of these effects are modern classics or use very common principles. Review the effect list before purchase and if you are unfamiliar with several of them, this video will reward you with some really world class (and yes simple) card magic- taught in a very clear and easy to learn way.


Jim Munsey

Exactly as described! These are some REALLY simple card routines that don't sacrifice impact for simplicity. Ryan is a fantastic teacher as well.


Felipe Gomes

What a great deal. Couldn’t be more happy with what I got. With only 4 of the amazing tricks included on this DVD, you already made your money worthy.


This is fantastic! There are practically no 'moves'. Many of these are done in the spectator's hands, which always makes for more impressive magic, even if the tricks aren't 'hard' to do. Audience management is the biggest thing you have to handle. I am a hobbyist, have many card trick DVDs already, but will use 4-5 of these tricks easily, if not a few more. Magically delicious!!