Al Koran Professional Presentations

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Al Koran Professional Presentations - magic

Al Koran was an absolute legend, and relatively little is written about him, and what is is not readily available. This was exciting to us because it's vintage Koran, and we had not seen this publication before.

Al Koran is one of Magic and Mentalism's highest regarded thinkers and inventors. In Al Koran's Professional Presentations, you will find a wide selection of professional material. This includes his Princess Card Trick, Note Under Cup, Birthday Card Trick and one of Koran's most famous and highest regarded effects, the original Koran Medallion. All is explained in great detail. This book belongs on the shelves of anyone who wants to present the most baffling and mind-blowing effects offered by this legendary performer. If you enjoy performing mentalism effects, this is the book for you!


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