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Powerful mentalism doesn't have to travel with large or numerous items. Ken Dyne is here to show you how to be ready on the go with just business cards, pens, and a bulldog clip (if you'd like!) in TETRAD TÊTE!

Imagine this: Business cards are passed out to ten spectators, who each create a drawing. The cards are returned face down and secured with the bulldog clip. Three spectator flip through the cards and remember a drawing they saw while a fourth just remembers the drawing he made himself. Now all four mentally selected images are revealed.

Sounds incredible, doesn't it? But this is so much more than just a routine. This is a masterclass in effect construction that every serious mentalist and magician should consider. Not only will you learn to structure revelations in a way that builds tension and drama at each phase, but, maybe most importantly, it demonstrates how to layer methods in such a way to make the method indecipherable! They won't be able to backtrack this effect!

So do you and your mentalism routines a favor and order your copy of TETRAD TÊTE today!


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