Regalia Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Shin Lim (£11.75)

In stock. Dispatched from the UK within 3 days

Some cards declare they are special as soon as you open the box, and Regalia cards are just such a deck, oozing luxury and elegance with each and every card.

Printed by Cartamundi on fine crushed linen paper for an exquisite feel, and gold-foiled for an opulent look, these cards are truly something exceptional. Even the tuck case is unique, with a double-layer construction that both protects the cards and displays the gold-foiled outer layer.

Truly remarkable to hold and behold. Order your deck today!


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Customer reviews for Regalia Playing Cards

Francesco Tesei

Ok, Regalia might be the BEST deck on the market. When it comes to luxury playing cards, this deck stands at the top.
Except... just ONE thing. To many surely this will not be important at all, but to me it is. I am a working pro, and I was looking for the most classy deck of cards for my card routine (one single card routine in my entire act). Also I wanted the perfect deck to give away as a souvenir at the end of my performance, and I thought I found it.
Bought them. Got them. Only to find out a big and bold "SHINLIMMAGIC.COM" on the box. Oh, scrap!
As a professional mentalist, I just CANNOT use a deck of cards which screams "MAGIC!" on its own case. Let alone a website address to buy magic products.
I can't believe Shin (and designer Nick Vlow) made such a mistake, which makes the whole deck fall cheap. There is just too much Shin Lim branding on this deck: a huge SL with the tie logo... his name on one side... and yet I still could take that... but the "" is just too much. What a pity!