John Bannon's PAINT IT BLANK

Trick by John Bannon
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John Bannon's PAINT IT BLANK

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Trick by John Bannon (£17.00)

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John Bannon's PAINT IT BLANK - magic

Forget the Invisible Deck, John Bannon's come out with an Invisible Card using a regular deck of bikes and one very clever gaff. 

Paint It Blank, by John Bannon looks like this: You ask your audience member to mentally select any card. (Genuine free choice - no equivoke, forcing, cleverly worded limitations or pre-show used). They just think of one card. 

After performing the magical gesture of your choice, you let your spectator know that you've caused their card to become invisible. It's unlikely they believe you, but you insist it's true. You mime taking their "invisible" card from the deck and slide it between the two jokers. Instantly a real blank card visually appears between the two jokers. You place the blank card into the spectator's hands, and it prints itself into their thought of card. 

And it's totally examinable. 


  • Self working
  • No sleights
  • No forces
  • No stacks
  • No equivoke
  • No off by one


  • No reset

All you need is a regular deck of bikes and one gaff card (which is included)

This is ideal for workers - there's no reset and no table is needed. 


Customer reviews for John Bannon's PAINT IT BLANK

Richard Tuckerman

I am a HUGE admirer of all things Bannon and this is no exception. It's a POWERFUL effect and an absolute BREEZE to do! As usual, Bannon finds extended uses for old ideas to come up with a direct, efficient effect. I rate it only four stars as the pace of the instructional video is catatonic! Get on with it John! Essentially, he takes over four minutes to explain that you need to get a card to the top of the deck, cloaking that essential fact in performance details that are both unnecessary and particular to his own presentation. This is a bone I've been picking for a long time. PLEASE, teach the trick and THEN indulge in the personal touches!. Though the trick is brilliant in its simplicity, the video is clearly a one-take, self-indulgent, lazy substitute for a one-page instruction sheet. The good news is you only have to watch it once.