Modern Flap Card

Trick by Magic Soul
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Modern Flap Card

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Trick by Magic Soul (From £21.25)

In stock. Dispatched from the UK within 3 - 5 days
Modern Flap Card - magic

First introduced in 1922, the Flap Card has become a staple in the routines of magicians worldwide to produce all sorts of stunning effects. However, limitations of design can hinder these performances.

After many months of extensive research, Hondo has refined the Flap Card design to allow for faster flips, as many as TWO!, and the near-complete elimination of fold lines and uneven surfaces so Aces, court, and blank cards will all appear alike. Even better, he has developed a locking mechanism so the flips when you want it to and not before! 

This product includes a Modern Flap Card and a special gimmicked card for the routine. It does not teach how to make the gimmick.


Customer reviews for Modern Flap Card

Tanner Steeves

Amazing effect but just terrible quality, my blue to red split right away (thank you Kyle for replacing) and my jack to queen got like 4 uses out of it.
The USD to CAD conversion is way too expensive to keep replacing.