Trick by Chris Westfall
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Trick by Chris Westfall (£12.75)

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Cigatration - magic

At Vanishing Inc. Magic we strive to find the best renditions of our favorite routines. Ever thought about doing "Cigarette through Coin"? For us, this is THE version to perform. It has it all: visual, surprising, and utterly clean. The advent of flash paper and keys (as prongs) elevate this trick into a strange and wonderful performance piece. If you perform in bar or outdoor settings in which borrowing a cigarette is possible, you owe it to yourself to have this beautiful trick in your repertoire.

It's now a well-known fact that smoking kills, and "Cigatration" will kill in your next performance (but in a good way - sorry, we just couldn't resist!)

Running time: 12 mins. approx. DVD instructions

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Customer reviews for Cigatration

harry Zimmerman

Dazzling, eye-catching and striking effect. Very well designed!


Simple, strong and excellently routined. A coin is borrowed, wrapped in tissue paper and trapped between a couple of a spectator’s keys. A lit cigarette applied to the paper results in a flash and the coin threaded on to the cigarette.

The unusual assembly is handed to the spectator before the clean up and the coin is handed back to the lender. At first glance the purchase price might seem high for such a simple routine, particularly if you are already familiar with simple coin moves from Bobo [but it is] simple, strong, memorable magic using borrowed objects. Small touches elevate the presentation.