The Gift Red Limited Edition

Trick by Angelo Carbone
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The Gift Red Limited Edition

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Trick by Angelo Carbone (£84.75)

In stock. Dispatched from the UK within 3 days
The Gift Red Limited Edition - magic

Angelo Carbone is one of our industry's most clever inventors. With us, he has built the sort of credibility to pay close attention to ANYTHING with his name on it. "The Gift" might be his most wildly original idea yet! We are so, so, so impressed the engineering marvel that is ...The Gift Red Limited Edition.

What you receive is a box that gives you multiple outs. The box is examinable, doesn't require anything to be added in or taken away, and it's entirely self-contained. Yet, despite these wonderful constraints, you are able to control which outcome you reveal on a piece of paper. You can reveal up to four outs, while the others remained locked away, concealed from audience view.

The possibilities with "The Gift" are limited only by your imagination. We prefer the non-card effects supplied and suggested, but card tricks like the one in the trailer are hard to top.

The box you receive is attractive yet unassuming, and the quality of the materials will serve you well in your shows for a lifetime. The limited-edition yellow is lovely, but we also love the black color. This is a performance piece equally at home in a close-up magic show or a parlor show of mentalism. The great news is that it's really easy to do too. It is, truly, a gift!

What you get: 

  • The Gift Box 
  • Deck of Cards 
  • 40 min instruction video with Angelo Carbone 
Angelo fooled me with his original version, and the finished product is just wonderful. It's a beautiful trick and a very versatile prop with all the trademark elegance we'd expect from one of close-up magic's finest living inventors.Derren Brown
One of the most miraculous things I've ever seen.Richard Kaufman
"I have always been a fan of Angelo's creations. The Gift is another example of Angelo thinking outside the box. I love it!" Asi Wind
"Angelo Carbone has done it again - he's taken something that looks 100% innocent and made it 100% devious." David Regal
"I was fooled badly! There is nothing in magic like this. Angelo is a genius and this release is something that you will love performing!" Luca Volpe
"Absolutely wonderful!" Tomas Blomberg
"Bloody brilliant! Absolute genius!" Jamie Badman
"It absolutely blew me away! I cannot wait to get this and this further exemplifies why Angelo is possibly the greatest living creator!" Jamie Daws
"It's absolutely fantastic!" Mark Elsdon

Customer reviews for The Gift Red Limited Edition

Yuri Estevez

The effect is very good, but what is even better is the method used. I think it is a little bit overpriced, but if you love mentalist magic then this is a must have.