Tom Elderfield Live Lecture DVD

DVD by Tom Elderfield
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Tom Elderfield Live Lecture DVD

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DVD by Tom Elderfield (£8.50)

In stock. Dispatched from the UK within 3 days
Tom Elderfield Live Lecture DVD - magic

Tom Elderfield is pretty much the definition of out-of-the-box thinking thanks to his use of everyday objects in new and amazing ways. He started releasing successful products while only a teenager and is known as one of the first magicians to use the Instagram platform to show off his new creative work. Now he is At The Table to tip some of the secrets to his organic gimmicks for the first time! You won't look at straws and coffee cups or even your lunch the same way ever again! You'll learn:

Listen Up: Borrowed headphones impossibly suspend up in the air and drop on command and are instantly handed out.

Crossed Coffee: Take a Starbucks cup and mark an X in one of the boxes and it visually jumps up and down the boxes.

Color Changing Straw: Easy to make and do, you can change a straw's color all the way around and then use it.

Self Wrapping Wrap: Make a wrap for lunch. Then on the command, the wrap starts to roll itself up by itself and is then eaten.

Linking Cups: Visually and impossibly link and unlink 2 coffee mugs.

Double Take: A picture of a prediction and the spectator is taken on their phone, but a selected card proves to be incorrect. However, the picture then changes to match and you end clean!

Squish Box: A card box squishes down to half its size with the cards inside and then stretches back out and the cards are used.

Tab Nation: Cool card box utility. An ink change, TNR and is very clean and easy on the opening tab of the box.

Mini Box Book Test: Read the back of the box, pick a word and remember it. The magician then crosses out one word, the thought-of word.


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