RD Regular Cube

Accessory by Henry Harrius (£8.50)

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The RD Regular Cube is the first cube to be designed especially for magicians. Every single detail has been carefully considered to make this the best, and least expensive choice for all cube magic!

Designed by Henry Harrius, it is tailor made to be customized by you for your needs because it's completely adjustable. And when we say completely, we mean it. You can tighten or loosen it for the custom fit you desire. The side panels are removable so you can make your own patterns with the included stickers. And when you need to manipulate it, the movement is silent without any required oiling, so there won't be any oily spots on your clothes, your hands or your cards!

Basically, it has everything you want in a speed cube, but cheaper! But wait, it gets even better! Aside from all the magic you can perform with this gem, it combines perfectly with Rubik's Dream for more effects, more power and even more possibilities. That's a lot of magic in one cube!

Why fumble when you can customize your Rubik's manipulation skills for you and your audiences? Order your RD Regular Cube today!

Note: This product comes with no instructions or extra stickers.

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