Magic by Rune Klan

We are proud to be the official magic shop for Rune's magic. We published his wildly popular book, Rune's World and his download, CoinRunique Rune's magic is outstanding and we carry his full line.

Rune's World Sampler Magic download (video)
Rune's World Sampler
Magic download (video) by Rune Klan - Free

See the crazy Dane in action, for free right now! Rune Klan is the most famous magician you’ve never heard of, and even if you have seen clips on YouTube, they are always in Danish. Here, we’ve provided subtitles so you can understand what’s happening. See Rune entertaining...

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Klink Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Rune Klan - £9.25

Denmark's Rune Klan is back with an elegant coin sequence that is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for formal performances. He developed this routine to be performed for a parlor audience, and you'll see how he expertly uses the glass to amplify the visuals AND signal the magic with an auditory "klink."...

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CoinRUNEque Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Rune Klan - £9.25

Rune Klan's coin magic started a revolution. His 3 Pieces of Silver is one of the best and most sought after coin magic videos ever recorded and the tricks from that video are used by magicians across the globe. Here, we present a brand new coin trick from Rune. It's a multi-phase...

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Three Pieces of Silver DVD
Three Pieces of Silver
DVD by Rune Klan - £27.50

Rune Klan has become a public sensation for his comedy magic, but before that he was recognized by magicians as an exemplary coin technician. In 1998, a young Danish Rune Klan surfaced with a collection of coin effects unlike any that preceded it. The rules were simple: Rune used no gaffs, and...

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